Ginseng Tea

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Ginseng Tea
Ginseng Tea Ginseng Tea Ginseng Tea Ginseng Tea

Brewing instructions

Brew with fresh boiling water and infuse for 3 to 5 minutes

Brewing instructions

Combining the delectable flavour of fine quality Black Tea with the outstanding health benefits of Ginseng ensure Ginseng Tea provides everything you could possibly want from your morning cup of tea.

In recent years alone, the consumption of Ginseng in tea form has rapidly increased in popularity, with the likes of India, China, Japan, and even some western countries such as Canada and the United States cultivating this incredibly nutritious herb. Our Ginseng Tea boasts tart, earthy and floral flavours, perfect for leisurely afternoon drinking.

There are two known and recognised types of Ginseng - ‘American’ and ‘Asian’ (the latter is sometimes referred to as ‘Korean’). Both variants belong to the genus Panax of the Araliaceae family.

Its botanical name is a Greek translation meaning ‘all healing’. The Panax genus consists of beneficial compounds known as ginsenosides, which are prevalent in both American and Asian ginseng roots. American ginseng is recognised by its distinctive leaves which grow in a circular shape around the stem of the plant. The flowers are usually either yellow or green, and the plant also produces red berries. It is often found flourishing in the U.S. states of Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and New York State, as well as in the Canadian province of Ontario. The Asian ginseng plant, meanwhile, is very similar in appearance, with only minor differences. It is predominantly grown in China, Korea, and eastern Russia. Both plants are slow-growing perennials, and are usually not ready for harvesting until they are around 6 years of age! 

Perhaps most famously, the consumption of Ginseng became immensely popular through its use in traditional Chinese medicine. In fact, some historians believe it was first discovered growing in the mountains of Manchuria, China, over five thousand years ago. Many centuries later, ginseng became a much-valued trade commodity, and was often exchanged for expensive items such as silk.

By the 16th Century, however, Ginseng had far outreached its herbal remedy origins and was often consumed for sheer enjoyment! In 2010, nearly all of the world’s 80,000 tonnes of ginseng was produced in four main countries - South Korea, China, Canada and the United States. In America, in particular, it is thought that an estimated 6 million citizens enjoy concoctions (including tea, of course) with the inclusion of ginseng!

Type of Tea: Loose Leaf Black Tea.

Brewing Instructions: Brew using freshly boiled water and infuse for 3 to 5 minutes.

How to Serve: The Kent and Sussex Tea and Coffee Company recommend serving this beverage as it is. However, lemon or honey may be considered as delicious accompaniments.

Tasting Notes: Brimming with flavour from the very first sip, this Chinese Black Tea offers a wonderfully malty-earthy infusion, both in taste and aroma! You may also enjoy vibrant floral overtones and a slightly tart aftertaste.

Colour in Cup: Orangery liquor, light on tone.

Health Benefits: A UK study conducted by the Brain Performance and Nutrition Research Centre recently uncovered the main ingredient within this black tea beverage, ginseng, can help improve mood and even reduce stress! Results indicated that 200 milligrams of ginseng for eight days had slowed the fall in mood in all 30 participants involved in the study.

Meanwhile, a 400-milligram dose improved calmness and mental arithmetic capabilities for the duration of the eight day treatment. Further to this, the frequent consumption of Ginseng Tea, when consumed as part of a healthy and active lifestyle, has been proven to provide excellent weight management, improve immune system health, and even reduce the symptoms associated with the menstrual cycle!    

Additional info
  • Type
    Black Tea
  • Health Points
    Health Points
    Hydration, Refreshing, Relaxing
  • Caffeine Level
    Caffeine Level
  • Options
    Loose Tea
  • Time of Day
    Time of Day
    Breakfast, Lunchtime
  • Country
  • Ginseng
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