Green and White Tea Collection

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Brewing instructions

Brewed with water at 90 Degrees, let the flower unfurl do not remove flower. This is can be steeped a number of times.

Brewing instructions


This collection of Green and White Teas makes for an excellent gift. It includes some of our most popular beverages, each one as delicious and wholesome as the last. Choose from China Sencha Green Tea, Gunpowder Green Tea, Japanese Sencha Gemmai Cha, Yunnan Special White Tea or Pai Mu Tan White Tea. Which one will be your favourite?

The Kent and Sussex Tea and Coffee Company pack all of our Loose Teas, Tisanes and Coffees fresh to order. This is our way of guaranteeing not only quality but also consistency. Every beverage in this collection has our seal of approval. Start brewing today.

China Sencha Green Tea 125g

This particularly popular beverage comes from the Anhui province. It grows on the northern side of the Yangtze River at altitudes of up to 800 feet. When brewed, it has a soft, mild, sweet flavour with traditional grassy overtones.

These qualities, combined with its well-documented Green Tea benefits, ensure its popularity among casual drinkers and connoisseurs alike. Indeed, this is an excellent starting point for anyone new to Green Tea.

Gunpowder Green Tea 125g

Reputations are seldom better than that of Gunpowder Green Tea. This delectable infusion, made up of small, round 'pellets', unfurls before one's eyes while brewing.

These artfully shaped Tea leaves boast a distinctive earthy-grassy fusion of flavour. It comes from the Zhejiang province, where local climatic conditions make for perfect Tea. Find out for yourself with this flavoursome and nutritious beverage.

Japanese Sencha Genmai Cha 125g

This unusual blend, sometimes called 'Popcorn Tea', is a mixture of Japanese Bancha Green Tea and toasted brown rice. Originally, it was a beverage drunk by the poor who added rice to the infusion for the purpose of frugality.

Today, however, most choose to drink it because it tastes great. Indeed, the toasted rice gives it a nutty, buttery quality. The Tea itself, meanwhile, adds a slight astringency, creating a complex character unlike any other.

Yunnan Special White Tea 125g

The Yunnan province produces some of the most popular Teas in the world. Our Yunnan Special White Tea, in particular, is one of the most sought-after. It grows at altitudes between 1,300 and 2,000 feet, which contributes significantly to its delicate yet divine taste.

The large loose leaves are light green in colour, with plenty of silvery tips. When brewed, they have a soft, mild flavour with fruity and floral undertones.

Pai Mu Tan White Tea 125g

This is one of the most popular White Teas in the world. Period. It comes from Fujian in China, a province that grows 336 different varieties of Camellia sinensis (Tea plant). It also shares a 1,600-year-old history with Tea-growing, with Pai Mu Tan White Tea being one of its finest creations.

This White Tea, also known as White Peony, has long, elegant leaves. Its unique flavour carries lightly on the palate, offering fresh, grassy notes with every sip.

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    Green Tea, White Tea
  • Health Points
    Health Points
    Anti Oxidants, Detox, Hydration, Relaxing, Weight Loss
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    Loose Tea
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    Breakfast, Lunchtime, Afternoon
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