Rooibos Earl Grey with Lemon Peel

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Brewing instructions

We would recommend to brew using boiling water and leave to infuse for 5 to 10 minutes

Brewing instructions

Infusing the traditional and beloved blends of South African Rooibos with the distinctive flavours of Earl Grey make this tea a truly remarkable mix! Yet when combined together with care and attention, Rooibos Earl Grey with Lemon Peel offers a fine-quality, mild tea with sweet, refreshing notes and excellent flavour.

Using Lemon Peel and natural Bergamot oil, this beverage is a great choice for anyone looking to be adventurous. If all of this was not enough, this Rooibos loose tea is also completely caffeine free and low in tannins!  

Long before such unique concoctions were readily available on the market, Rooibos bushes grew in abundance throughout the Cederberg Region of South Africa, and were consumed by the indigenous population – the Khoisans. These tribespeople would frequently use Rooibos leaves for herbal remedies, but later began to simply enjoy it for its pure, enticing flavour.

During the mid-18th Century however, European Colonists began to encroach on the Khoisan’s territories, resulting in the population rapidly dwindling in numbers. As the many tribes and communities began to fade from existence, so too did their traditions. In fact, for some time it seemed that Rooibos Tea consumption might have been lost to the ages, until a Swedish botanist by the name of Carl Thunberg rediscovered the leaves in 1772. Soon after, a more widespread interest in the tea-like drink blossomed, as its usage was revitalised across the continent and beyond. By 1904, a Russian immigrant with ties to the tea industry began marketing Rooibos as an herbal alternative to normal tea and finally, this once-forgotten blend got the recognition it sorely deserved.

Over 150 years after Rooibos tea was rediscovered, the tea industry began to rely heavily upon its exports as the Second World War raged through many other tea-growing regions. As Imperialist Japanese Forces occupied China, many suppliers turn to South Africa’s modest trade for help. Eventually, however, Rooibos tea’s demand far outweighed its availability, accounting for the scarcity of the plant.

During this period, the price of Rooibos tea rose to record levels, before once again balancing out by the time of the war’s conclusion in 1945. But the story of this incredible blend did not stop there, for in 1968, a South African mother by the name of Annique Theron published a book on the outstanding health benefits of Rooibos.

Once again, the tea’s popularity exploded as Scientific Studies were able to prove her findings. Today, demand for Rooibos tea has increased by more than 50% in the last decade alone, with no end in sight! From its humble beginnings, the tea industry has been able to nurture Rooibos, with new blends and infusions created every year. Our Rooibos Earl Grey with Lemon Peel is just one such example in this ever-growing ocean of inspiration!

Type of Tea:  Flavoured Loose Leaf Rooibos.

 Origin: The Cederberg Region, South Africa.

Brewing Instructions: Brew using freshly boiled water and infuse for 8 to 10 minutes.

How to Serve: Unsurprisingly, lemon is a great addition to this beverage! If that is not to your taste, consider adding Honey. Alternatively, this brew can be served as it is.

Tasting Notes: As the name suggests, expect subtle yet pleasant aromas of Earl Grey as they beautifully infuse with the powerful scent of Rooibos. As you take your first sip, savour the smooth, floral notes and lemony aftertaste. 

Colour in Cup: Golden red liquor, dark in tone.

Health Benefits of Drinking Rooibos Tea 

Health Benefits: Like most other Rooibos blends, Rooibos Earl Grey with Lemon Peel is a great choice for those looking to improve their health. When consumed as part of a healthy and active lifestyle, you can expect to see improvements in your Cardiovascular system, reduced risks of Diabetes and even anti-inflammatory properties. This blend Is also rich in iron, calcium, potassium, copper, manganese, zinc, magnesium and alpha hydroxy acid.    


Additional info
  • Type
    Rooibos Tea
  • Health Points
    Health Points
    Cholesterol, Digestive, Refreshing, Relaxing, Weight Loss
  • Caffeine Level
    Caffeine Level
    Decaff (none)
  • Options
    Loose Tea
  • Time of Day
    Time of Day
    Breakfast, Lunchtime, Afternoon
  • Country
  • Bergamot
  • Lemon
4.5 / 5
  1. Thé très agréable, équilibre très agréable.

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  2. This is an excellent tea with a lovely rich orange colour when poured. It tastes really nice and leaves a refreshing tingle in the mouth.

    Review by

    Posted on

  3. Rooibos was previously not a favourite, but then my experience had only been tea bags! I was told to try loose leaf and there is a huge difference. Certainly now has a place on the shelf. Do love my teas.

    Review by

    Posted on

  4. I think it requires a little more bergamot and lemon.

    Review by

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