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Brewing instructions

Brew with fresh boiling water and infuse for 3 to 5 minutes

Brewing instructions

Originating from the beautiful Dibrugarh district of Assam, this divine beverage is a delight to the taste buds with its trademark malty flavours and delectable earthy undertones. Stretching along the southern bank of the river Brahmaputra, the Dibrugarh district is perfect for producing some of the finest quality teas of Assam, with its tropical climate and seasonal rainfall having a hugely positive impact on each respective tea production. Assam Moran TGFOP1 is certainly no exception, and can offer everything you will expect from an Assam tea, and more!

The Moran tea estate is just one of hundreds of similar establishments located across the entire region of Assam. Combined, these estates help to produce around 55% of India's total tea output. Over the course of a mere 165 years, a relatively short period compared to the overall history of tea. Assam has since been credited with producing one of the world's most renowned beverages.

In fact, for many, 'Assam' tea represents an extremely recognisable brew, even among those who know little about the world of tea itself! This is largely due to the escapades of one Scottish explorer and botanist by the name of Robert Bruce, who played an integral role in setting up the entire Indian tea industry during the 19th Century.

Despite Robert Bruce becoming a major figurehead in India's tea movement, however, the consumption of Indian teas dates back long before British influence. Even before the British Empire stepped foot in India, the Singpho tribe had been drinking tea for centuries, using a method of smoking the leaves inside bamboo tubes. Yet, by 1823, it was Mr. Bruce who discovered the plant growing wild in the hills near Rangpur and sent samples off to the botanical gardens in London for classification.

In less than 40 years after his find, Assam was already well underway to creating a thriving industry comprised of 160 tea gardens. This would be developed further when India rightfully acquired its Independence in 1947, prompting a massive shift in the Assam Tea market.

Today these changes have become quite apparent, with the state of Assam now boasting the production of over 500 million kilos of tea annually! From its humble beginnings, Assam loose tea has risen to fame and is now one of the most popular beverages in the entire world.

Type of Tea: Loose Broken Orange Pekoe Assam tea.

Origin: The Dibrugarh district of Assam, Northeast India.

Brewing Instructions: Brew using freshly boiled water and infuse for 3 to 5 minutes.

How to Serve: A perfect choice for a delightful afternoon tea, Assam Moran TGFOP1 can be enjoyed with the addition of milk and/or sugar. Alternatively, you can consider using honey or lemon for extra flavour!

Tasting Notes: Distinctly Assamese from the first sip, this beverage wafts aromas of malty goodness as you enjoy its earthy undertones and creamy aftertastes. Assam Moran BOP is almost irresistible to those who only seek out the very finest quality Assam teas on the market.

Colour in Cup: Coppery liquor, light in tone.

Health Benefits of Assam Tea: Packed full of incredible antioxidants, Assam teas are well-known to help with a number of ailments when consumed as part of a healthy and active lifestyle. These health benefits include: mental alertness, improved cardiovascular health, and even the reduction of fat in the body! This means that the consumption of Assam Moran Broken Orange Pekoe can even help with your weight loss routine! What more could you possibly want from your cup of tea?

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