Bamboo Matcha Tea Spoon

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No Matcha Tea Ceremony is without a Bamboo Matcha Tea Spoon. In Japanese culture, this utensil is called a "Momoka" or, most commonly, a "Chashuku". Use it to measure the exact amount of Matcha required for your cup. This adheres to the Matcha Tea traditions that date back to the 17th Century. Why not carry on this tradition today?

What is Matcha Tea?

This is a Tea commonly made from either White or Green Tea. The difference between this and "regular" Tea comes about through its processing. This processing sees producers shade-grow, harvest and pulverise the Tea. Ultimately, this creates a concentrated Tea powder that often boasts a grassy flavour with refined astringent notes.

When it comes to Matcha Tea benefits, this infusion reportedly contains 137 times more antioxidants than its standard Green and White Tea counterparts. These antioxidants can combat free radicals in the body, which are the product of natural, though harmful, human oxidation.

What is a Matcha Tea Ceremony?

This Bamboo Matcha Tea Spoon has a small yet significant role in the age-old tradition of a Matcha Tea Ceremony. The concept dates back hundreds of years and continues to take place across Japan and around the world. It follows these steps:

  • Thoroughly clean the room you plan to use for the ceremony.
  • Thoroughly clean all utensils, including this Bamboo Matcha Tea Spoon.
  • Greet any guests with a single bow and then ask them to advance.
  • Wash your hands and face as part of the art of 'purification'. Make sure that all of the guests do this, also, before continuing.
  • Using your Bamboo Matcha Tea Spoon, add one to three scoops of Matcha Tea Powder per guest into a group bowl.
  • Follow this up with a small amount of hot (but not boiling) water.
  • Use a Matcha Bamboo Whisk to, as the name suggests, whisk the liquor until it begins to foam.
  • When the powder reaches the right consistency, add more water and whisk further.
  • Finally, enjoy your cup of Matcha Tea with the company of friends!

Buy Matcha Tea and Other Utensils

What's a Bamboo Matcha Tea Spoon without Matcha Tea? Here at The Kent and Sussex Tea and Coffee Company, we stock a variety of these Teas. This includes our traditional Matcha Green Tea Powder, Matcha Genmai Cha and White Kenya Matcha Tea. We likewise stock a Matcha Tea Whisk. Begin your journey today!

Measurements: L - 18 cm.

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  2. Well made product... nice to see it made of natural resources...a pleasure to use.

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