Bamboo Matcha Tea Spoon

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Bamboo Matcha Tea Spoon
Bamboo Matcha Tea Spoon

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Brewing instructions

No Matcha Tea Ceremony is without a Bamboo Matcha Tea Spoon! Approximately 18 centimetres in length and made from quality bamboo, this utensil is vital when brewing Matcha Tea the traditional way.

Considered a quiet celebration performed with grace and beauty, the Matcha Tea ceremony was a popular pastime in 17th Century Japan. The aim of a Matcha Tea ceremony was, and still is, to find one’s spiritual balancing, cleansing the body and the mind. Yet you don’t need to go back in time to practice. Start today with The Kent and Sussex Tea and Coffee Company.

We also stock some truly wonderful Matcha Teas, including Matcha Green Tea Powder and Matcha Genmai Cha. Complete the set with our Matcha Tea Whisk and you’re then ready to embrace true spirituality.

The Bamboo Matcha Tea Spoon is also known as a “Momoka” or a “Chashuku” and is used to measure the exact amount of Matcha to be added to your cup. Just like all of our teas and coffees, every accessory sold through us is quality-assured. Pick up your Bamboo Matcha Tea Spoon and begin your journey.

There are many steps to be aware of before, during, and after a Japanese Matcha Tea Ceremony. First, everything must be clean, including utensils used throughout the ceremony, as well as the room itself, which is called the “machiai”. After this, formalities may begin. To start, guests are greeted with a single bow from the host. Following this, the guests are asked to advance towards the host (it is not uncommon for the ground to be covered in dew as part of a cleansing ritual, symbolising the removal of dust from the world). Then, both the host and the guest must wash their hands and face in a stone basin for the art of purification. Extra care is taken when cleaning the mouth.

The brewing of the Matcha Tea can then, and only then, commence. The host will begin this by gracefully adding one to three scoops of Matcha per guest into an often-homemade group bowl. This is followed by a small amount of hot (but not boiling, never boiling) water. The host will then stir the substance with a bamboo whisk until the bright green liquor is almost (but not quite) ready for consumption.

When the Matcha Powder reaches the right consistency, additional hot water is added and then whisked once more, producing a thick, rich Matcha Tea. With the formalities largely over at this point, both the host and the guest can finally enjoy the tea at their leisure. Intrigued? What are you waiting for? Buy our Bamboo Matcha Tea Spoon today.

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