Matcha Tea Whisk

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Matcha Tea Whisk
Matcha Tea Whisk Matcha Tea Whisk Matcha Tea Whisk Matcha Tea Whisk

Brewing instructions

1 flat teaspoon of matcha to a tea bowl and mix with a couple of drops of water to make a smooth paste, upon the tea bowl to ¾ full water at 80°C, mix with a bamboo whisk until a creamy froth forms on the surface

Matcha Tea

This Matcha Tea Whisk belongs to the age-old tradition of brewing Matcha Tea. Made from quality Bamboo, this utensil can ensure great taste in your cup time and time again. When making Matcha Tea, use this whisk to create a foam on the surface of the liquor. After creating the right consistency, enjoy your cup of Matcha the way it's meant to be!

What is Matcha Tea?

Matcha is a type of either Green Tea or White Tea. Producers first shade-grow the Tea plants used in its making, which creates large quantities of amino acids and chlorophyll. Workers then grind the whole leaf into a powder.

Using the whole leaf as opposed to only parts of it has many benefits. Most notably, it ensures that one has 100% of the leaf's nutrients and antioxidants. In fact, the antioxidant strength of Matcha Tea is reportedly 137 times more than that of standard Green Tea!

The Matcha Tea Ceremony

The popularisation of both Matcha Tea and the Matcha Tea Whisk came about during the 17th Century. This was due to the Japanese Matcha Tea Ceremony. The aim of a Matcha Tea Ceremony was, and still is, to attain spiritual balancing.

Indeed, this ceremony remains an integral part of Japanese culture to this day. You don't have to come from Japan, however, to appreciate its beauty. Try these following steps from the comfort of your own home:

  • Thoroughly clean the room you plan to use for the ceremony.
  • Thoroughly clean all utensils, including this Matcha Tea Whisk.
  • Greet any guests with a single bow and then ask them to advance.
  • Wash your hands and face as part of the art of 'purification'. Make sure that all of the guests do this, also, before continuing.
  • Add one to three scoops of Matcha Tea Powder per guest into a group bowl.
  • Follow this up with a small amount of hot (but not boiling) water.
  • Use this Matcha Bamboo Whisk to, as the name suggests, whisk the liquor until it begins to foam.
  • When the powder reaches the right consistency, add more water and whisk further.
  • Finally, enjoy your cup of Matcha Tea with the company of friends!

Matcha Tea has a defined grassy taste with astringent notes. It has become increasingly popular due to the well-documented Matcha Tea benefits. Whatever your reason for choosing Matcha Tea, begin your journey here with our Matcha Tea Whisk.

Measurements: H = 10.5cm. W = 6cm.

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