Weight Loss Tea

Tea is the second most consumed drink on earth after water. It has been drunk for centuries as a refreshing, calming drink but what is less commonly known are its health benefits including aiding weight loss. Everyday black tea can help with weight loss, it’s a very low calorie drink and can be used as a replacement for higher calorie drinks. Some herbal teas take a more active role in helping to lose weight.


Pu-erh tea - The Chinese slimming tea, pu-erh slimming tea has many health benefits including lowering cholesterol and helping with weight loss by boosting metabolism and reducing blood sugar levels, Lose Weight with Pu’erh Tea


Green tea - Green tea comes from the same plant as black tea (Camellia Sinensis) but due to the nature of production, loses far fewer of its antioxidants. As well as the many health benefits of green tea it also contain catechins which help to break down fat cells and boost your metabolism to aid in weight loss. We also recommend our matcha green tea for weight loss, you can read our indepth article on Matcha Tea.


White Tea - known as the diet tea, like green tea, white tea goes through less oxidization than black tea does, in fact it isn’t oxidized at all only dried. White tea is the least processed of all teas and therefore retains the most of its fat busting catechins aiding weight loss.


Peppermint tea - Peppermint has been used as an herbal remedy for centuries to treat bad breath, heart burn, nausea and indigestion but peppermint tea can also be used as an aid for weight loss.


Rooibos tea - Rooibos tea comes from South Africa and is well known for being naturally caffeine free and it also benefits from fewer calories and a natural sweetness so you won’t need to add milk or sugar. Rooibos tea is also full of antioxidants with their fat burning properties aid in weight loss.


Dandelion tea - This herbal tea has been show to aid in weight loss by being used as a lower calorie replacement for other beverages. It also has a diuretic effect to help you to lose water weight as well as body fat, view our Dandelion Tea or our Milk Thistle Tea