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Chai Tea is a quintessentially Indian infusion made by blending Black Tea leaves with various herbs and spices. Recipes differ significantly depending on the region, town or sometimes even the household! However, Chai Tea has since spread from the subcontinent and is now a popular beverage around the world. Whether you’re traipsing down Mumbai streets or walking into your local cafe, this type of tea will undoubtedly on the menu!  

  1. History of Chai Tea

    History of Chai Tea

    Chai is a type of Indian Black Tea flavoured with herbs and spices. Varieties of it date back millennia, many of which today are a staple of society. Indeed, it’s difficult to walk down a street in Mumbai or New Delhi without being offered a cup of this delightful infusion. But how did it all begin? And why does it Read more...
  2. What is Chai Tea? and Ingredients Used in Chai

    What is Chai Tea? and Ingredients Used in Chai

    Britons have long been known for their tolerance of queues. We’re famous for it, in fact. Yet the recent influx at Tea-shops across the UK has put our collective patience to the test. Perhaps you, too, have found yourself in this position, waddling gradually towards the counter, eyes darting around for some form of entertainment. Settling your gaze at the Read more...

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