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Learn more about Afternoon Tea, the history and why its becoming more popular with the younger generation. We also have an afternoon tea directory, we created this as many people were asking us, where is the closest "<em>Afternoon Tea Near Me</em>" you can now search for location around the UK. We are aiming to update out blog with the best locations near you to have afternoon tea or high tea. Keep checking back to find out the latest information.

  1. Afternoon Tea at Home

    Afternoon Tea at Home

    If there’s one thing we can say about 2020, it’s that the “keep calm and carry on” mindset has become necessary again. We all need to do “our bit,” which inevitably means improvising every now and again. Those who’re missing normality, whether it be hugging loved ones or eating out with friends, should look to alternatives where possible - including Read more...
  2. What is Afternoon Tea?

    What is Afternoon Tea?

    What is Afternoon Tea? For starters, there is more to it than many might realise. Think not of it as simple lunch, but rather an elaborate affair of all things dainty and exquisite. Its unique qualities extend to every aspect of its existence from history to attire to ingredients. If you’d like to find out more about this remarkable world Read more...
  3. What Is High Tea? 

    What Is High Tea? 

    Have you ever dutifully scoured a menu and pondered the question “what is High Tea?”. Perhaps you’ve seen the term alongside “Afternoon Tea” and found yourself baffled by the differences between them? If so, we have good news. The Kent and Sussex Tea and Coffee Company are here to clear up your confusion once and for all! In this article Read more...

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