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Did you know that White Tea is the least oxidised <a href="https://www.tea-and-coffee.com/types-of-tea">type of Tea</a> - even over Green Tea? Did you know that it also contains the highest amount of antioxidants? Despite this, White Tea remains relatively unknown. Here at The Kent and Sussex Tea and Coffee Company, we think it’s time that changed. Below, you will find several blogs compiling the best information in the most easy-to-understand manner. Have a read. Be inspired. Start by discovering “What is White Tea? ” or <a href="https://www.tea-and-coffee.com/blog/white-tea-benefits">White Tea benefits</a>. Once you know the facts and figures, check out our other article, “White Tea vs Green Tea”. Afterwards, browse our vast selection of products. Our guarantee, no matter the type, is quality and consistency with every cuppa brewed. Whatever you choose, you’ve decided well with us.

  1. Jasmine Tea Benefits and Side Effects

    Jasmine Tea Benefits and Side Effects

    Few infusions are more floral, aromatic and irresistible than Jasmine Tea. In its most natural form, this beautiful flower has been admired for centuries. When brewed into either Jasmine Green Tea, Jasmine White Tea or Jasmine Herbal Tea, it comes with extraordinary Jasmine Tea benefits. This article will explore some of its finest qualities, including the following: Table of ContentsWhat Read more...
  2. White Tea Benefits & Side Effects

    White Tea Benefits & Side Effects

    Did you know that White Tea benefits are more substantial than other Teas? You’d be forgiven if you had no idea. In fact, you’d be forgiven if you barely knew anything about this beverage at all. This is because, in recent years, Green Tea has claimed most of the spotlight. Yet times are changing. The future, it now appears, is Read more...
  3. White Tea vs Green Tea

    White Tea vs Green Tea

    It is no secret these days that Green Tea can improve one’s everyday way of life in a multitude of ways. The studies are out there, and the media can’t get enough of it! We open the newspapers, turn on the television, listen to the radio and there it is: “Green Tea’s extraordinarily health benefits”. Best of all, it’s all Read more...

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