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Pu erh Tea, like a fine wine, gets better with age. Most commonly, it is a type of Black Tea produced exclusively in the Yunnan province of China. But what, exactly, makes it different from any other Black Tea? Most noteworthy is the fact that it undergoes a unique kind of fermentation. The result is a Tea with a highly-prized complexity, depth and smoothness and the well documented, <a href="https://www.tea-and-coffee.com/blog/pu-erh-tea-benefits">Pu erh Tea benefits</a>. This beverage has, in recent years, piqued the interest of many a Tea connoisseur. If you find yourself in a similar position, why not read some of our blogs below? The Kent and Sussex Tea and Coffee Company take pride in compiling the best information in the most easy-to-understand manner. Discover today.

  1. Pu erh Tea Benefits and Side Effects

    Pu erh Tea Benefits and Side Effects

    Pu erh Tea has long been treasured by connoisseurs for its unique flavour and aroma, but it is also praised for its health benefits. Scientific studies have shown that Pu-erh Tea's fermentation process results in high amounts of antioxidants - more than most other teas! These compounds are known to combat oxidative stress and inflammatory processes. This can help protect Read more...
  2. What is Fermented Tea?

    What is Fermented Tea?

    The idea of a Fermented Tea drink doesn’t sound too appealing on the surface. However, once you’ve delved a little deeper, you’ll soon find that it has much to offer. It is not nearly as odd as it comes across at first glance, which is why we’ve written the below article. Our hope is that after you’ve discovered its potential Read more...

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