As the popularity of afternoon tea continues to grow, so do the variations on this classic British tradition. Indian afternoon tea is one of the latest trends to hit the UK, and it's easy to see why. This delicious twist on a classic combines the best of both Indian and British cuisine, resulting in a truly unique and memorable experience.

So, what exactly is Indian afternoon tea? In essence, it is afternoon tea with an Indian twist. This means that instead of the traditional finger sandwiches and scones, you can expect to find a selection of light and flavoursome Indian snacks such as samosas and pakoras. These are usually served alongside a selection of Indian teas, chai lattes and iced coffees.

If you're looking for something a little different the next time you enjoy afternoon tea, then it is definitely worth trying. It's perfect for sharing with friends or family and makes for a truly special occasion.

menu ideas

Indian Afternoon Tea Menu Ideas

If you're planning on hosting your own Indian afternoon tea party, then here are some menu ideas to get you started.

- Samosas: These traditional Indian snacks are perfect for afternoon tea. Fill them with your favourite vegetables, meat or fish for a truly delicious treat.

- Pakoras: Another popular Indian snack, pakoras are perfect for sharing. They can be made with a variety of different ingredients, so there's sure to be something to suit everyone's taste.

- Chai Latte: A must-have for anyone looking to try this, a chai latte is a delicious and warming drink that's perfect for winter days.

- Iced Coffee: For those who prefer something cold, iced coffee is a refreshing alternative to Indian leaf tea.

- Fruit Juice: A healthy and delicious option for guests of all ages.

Popular Types

There are a variety of different Indian afternoon teas available, so there's sure to be one to suit your taste.

Masala Chai Afternoon Tea: This type of afternoon tea is perfect for those who love spicy food. It typically features a selection of traditional Indian snacks such as samosas and pakoras, as well as a selection of masala chai teas.

Vegan Afternoon Tea: Vegan afternoon tea is becoming increasingly popular and there are now many restaurants offering this option. Featuring a selection of vegan-friendly Indian snacks and drinks, it's the perfect way to enjoy afternoon tea without having to compromise on taste or quality.

High Tea: For those who want something a little more substantial, high tea is a great option. It typically features a selection of Indian-inspired dishes such as curries and kebabs, as well as a variety of teas, coffees and juices.

The Ritz London

Where to Find the Best Indian Afternoon Teas in the UK

If you're looking for the best Indian afternoon tea in the UK, then here are some of our top picks.

The Ritz London: One of the most iconic hotels in London, The Ritz offers a truly luxurious afternoon tea experience. Their Indian-inspired menu features a selection of delicious snacks and drinks, as well as a range of teas and coffees.

The Cinnamon Club: This popular restaurant in London offers a range of different afternoon tea options, including an Indian-inspired menu. Featuring a selection of traditional Indian dishes and drinks, it's the perfect place to enjoy an authentic afternoon tea experience.

Dishoom: This award-winning restaurant chain is the perfect place to enjoy an it. With locations in London, Manchester and Edinburgh, they offer a selection of delicious snacks and drinks, as well as a variety of teas and coffees.

Gymkhana: Another popular choice for Indian afternoon tea, Gymkhana offers a selection of traditional Indian dishes and drinks. They also offer a range of different teas and coffees, so you can enjoy a truly unique afternoon tea experience.

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Indian afternoon tea is a delicious and unique way to enjoy this classic British tradition. Whether you're looking for a traditional masala chai afternoon tea or something more modern like vegan afternoon tea, there's sure to be an option to suit your taste. So why not give it a try the next time you fancy something different?

Author: Richard Smith

Partner at The Kent and Sussex Tea and Coffee Company

Richard Smith is a Tea expert, entrepreneur, and owner of The Kent and Sussex Tea and Coffee Company. Part of a family of renowned Tea planters dating back four generations, he was born in Calcutta (Kolkata), India, where he spent his childhood between Tea Estates in Assam and Darjeeling.

In the late 1970s, having accumulated years of knowledge in the industry, Mr Smith and his mother, Janet Smith, moved to Kent, South East England, to establish a Tea business in the village of Pluckley. Their early days of packing Tea Bags by hand from chests of 10,000 prompted the creation of the company’s flagship infusion known as Pluckley Tea. It remains our most popular product today.

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