The average UK worker’s routine wouldn’t be the same without their morning brew or afternoon caffeine boost via a good old fashioned cup of tea. But how much is your cuppa worth?

Have you ever considered how much you get paid to make your tea (when you don’t work in a coffee shop)? Well, we’ve created a handy tool to tell you just that.

Based on how many cuppas you consume every day, along with the strength of your brew, and your job role and location, you can now find the answer to this question. Input this information below to find out how much money you will earn over each day, week, month, year and your whole working lifetime.

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Worth Noting:

  • Accountants will be paid the most for their time making hot drinks
  • People within the Video, Film & TV industry will take home the least from their adventures to the kettle
  • People within Education and Retail tend to drink the most hot drinks

An example:

If you were to drink five cups of coffee whilst letting it brew for three minutes and worked in London in Architecture, then of your salary you would be paid £7 per day, £35 per week, £153 per month, £1,827 per year and over £89,000 in your lifetime to make your tea.