Christmas is coming, and that means it's time for some festive baking! This year, why not try your hand at tiramisu? This classic Italian dessert is made with coffee-soaked ladyfingers, mascarpone cheese, and rich chocolate. It's the perfect treat to enjoy after a big dinner or to give as a gift to your friends and family. In this blog post, we'll show you how to make tiramisu like a pro!

What is Tiramisu

What is Tiramisu and the History

Before we get into the recipe, let's quickly cover what tiramisu is. A Italian dessert made with coffee-soaked ladyfingers, mascarpone cheese, and rich chocolate. It originated in Italy where it has been popular for centuries. The name tiramisu translates to “pick me up” and comes from its combination of robust flavours such as espresso, liqueur and cocoa powder.

Tiramisu is said to have originated in the early 1970s at a restaurant in Treviso, Italy. The original recipe uses only egg yolks and no cream like we use today. It was not until later that tiramisu began to incorporate ladyfingers and mascarpone cheese. The dessert has since become one of the most beloved Italian desserts enjoyed around the world!

Ingredients for Tiramisu

Ingredients Needed for Tiramisu

Now that you know what tiramisu is, let's go over what ingredients you need to make it. Here is the full list of ingredients:

- 4 eggs

- 1/2 cup sugar

- 2 tablespoons ground espresso coffee

- 1/4 cup liqueur (such as rum or brandy)

- 18 ladyfingers

- 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract

- 500g mascarpone cheese

- Cocoa powder for dusting

Best Coffee to Use: When it comes to making this, the type of coffee you use is important. Coffee adds a rich and robust flavour to tiramisu, so you want to make sure that you use the best quality espresso or instant coffee. We recommend using freshly ground espresso beans for the most flavour.

- Pure Arabica Espresso Roast Coffee

- Java Santos Espresso Coffee

- Cafe Rico Espresso Roast Coffee

How to Make a Tiramisu

How to Make a Tiramisu

Now that we have all the necessary ingredients, it’s time to create your tiramisu! Before getting started, be sure to separate the egg whites and yolks. Then, let’s get started:

1. Start by mixing the egg yolks and sugar until light and creamy.

2. Add the ground espresso coffee, liqueur, and vanilla extract to the cream mixture and mix together with a whisk until well blended.

3. Dip each ladyfinger into the espresso mixture for 15 seconds on each side. Place them in a baking dish or cake pan lined with wax paper or non-stick foil at this point if desired (to make it easier to remove tiramisu later).

4. Spread half of the mascarpone cheese over the ladyfingers evenly then repeat with the remaining ingredients.

5. Beat the egg whites until they form soft peaks and fold them into the tiramisu mixture.

6. Spread the tiramisu over the ladyfingers, top with cocoa powder and refrigerate for at least 4 hours before serving.

And there you have it! You now know how to make your delicious dessert this Christmas season - enjoy!

Bonus Tip: Make sure to use the freshest ingredients you can find for the best experience. You don’t want your tiramisu tasting like old coffee and stale ladyfingers!

Best alcohol to use: When it comes to making a tiramisu, the most popular liqueur to use is a robust Italian coffee-flavoured liqueur such as Marsala, Kahlua or even Frangelico. However, if you’re not a fan of these flavours, you can also try using rum or brandy for a sweeter.

Round Up

Making tiramisu is a great way to celebrate the holidays and enjoy a delicious dessert. With this recipe, you can easily create an authentic Italian dessert that is sure to impress your friends and family. Just make sure to use the freshest ingredients for the most flavourful taste possible! Enjoy!

Author: Richard Smith

Partner at The Kent and Sussex Tea and Coffee Company

Richard Smith is a Tea expert, entrepreneur, and owner of The Kent and Sussex Tea and Coffee Company. Part of a family of renowned Tea planters dating back four generations, he was born in Calcutta (Kolkata), India, where he spent his childhood between Tea Estates in Assam and Darjeeling.

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