British summertime isn’t the same without Strawberries and Cream with a nice cup of Tea. Why not combine the three with our Strawberry and Cream Tisane Tea?

It is, after all, that time of year again. The sun is shining, and Wimbledon is in full swing. Over the next fortnight, some 28 tonnes of Strawberries and 330,000 cuppas will adorn the laps of thousands across the country. This particularly delectable infusion, however, meets each and every need!

Indeed, this is a beverage like no other. It includes, among other additions, dried fruit pieces, fruit peel, flower blossoms, herbs, spices and all-natural flavours. Combined, these ingredients make for a tennis ‘match’ made in heaven (get it?).

We have over 50 different Fruit Tisane Teas. This includes, but of course is not limited to, Bella Granada Pomegranate Fruit Tea and Blueberry Fizz Tisane. When it starts to get hot, however, there is nothing quite like Strawberry and Cream Tisane Tea.

Strawberry and Cream Fruit Tisane

Strawberry and Cream Tisane Tea

This indulgent treat consists of juicy ripe Strawberry pieces, Apple, Rosehip Tea, Currants, Hibiscus Flowers and Natural Flavours. It enables you to enjoy a great British tradition without the added calories and sugar. Indeed, Strawberry and Cream Tisane Tea makes for an excellent alternative for those who’re particularly health-conscious.

Furthermore, it’s caffeine-free. This also makes it a terrific choice for those looking to cut down their caffeine intake, or those who’re pregnant.

When brewed for around 7-10 minutes, you can expect a deep, rich flavour with every sip. Another option, of course, is to make it into an Iced Tea. To do this, brew as you would normally, using two tablespoons of Tea per person. After this, strain the infusion, then add cold water and ice cubes. Why not even add a few fresh strawberries and a sprig of mint for good measure?

Strawberry and Cream

Other Strawberry Flavoured Teas

Although delicious, this isn’t the only choice of Strawberry Flavoured Tea available at The Kent and Sussex Tea and Coffee Company. Other options include Strawberry Flavoured Hibiscus Tea, Strawberry Sencha Decaffeinated Green Tea and Granny’s Garden Strawberry Rooibos. Each one has something unique to offer.

Best of all, we pack every Loose Tea, Tisane and Coffee fresh to order here at our Kent-based factory. This ensures not only quality but also consistency. What more could you want from your morning, afternoon or evening cuppa?

Strawberry Flavoured Hibiscus

Strawberry Flavoured Hibiscus

This much-loved Tea, balanced perfectly between sweet and sour, is one of our most popular products. Period. The sweet notes come from the strawberries while the sour notes originate from the addition of health benefits of hibiscus.

According to the latest scientific research, hibiscus can lower blood pressure. One study conducted by the American Heart Association has the answers. Participants in the group received hibiscus three times a day for six weeks. The results “showed an average fall of 7.2 percent in blood pressure, with some recording a 13.2 percent drop.”

You can buy our Strawberry Flavoured Hibiscus Tea here on our online tea shop.

Strawberry Sencha Decaffeinated Green Tea

Strawberry Sencha Decaffeinated Green Tea

Do you like the combination of strawberries and Green Tea but can’t deal with caffeine? If so, this is the choice for you. This beverage boasts fruity overtones and grassy undertones. Around 98% of the caffeine has also been removed through the CO2 decaffeination process, which is the safest and most efficient method.

Contrary to popular belief, all Decaf Teas contain at least trace amounts of caffeine. Using Carbon Dioxide, however, is the closest to caffeine-free Tea. Best of all, it has no impact on the tasting notes of Strawberry Sencha Decaffeinated Green Tea.

You can read more about Caffeine in Green Tea in our blog.

Granny’s Garden Strawberry Rooibos

Granny’s Garden Strawberry Rooibos

Allow nostalgia to take hold with every sip of Granny’s Garden Strawberry Rooibos. As well as everyone’s favourite fruit, it contains Rooibos leaves that grow exclusively in the Cederberg region of South Africa. This adds a bold, flavoursome herbaceous note to the infusion. It also, according to countless studies, comes with Rooibos Tea benefits.

Annique Theron, known to many as the “grandmother of Rooibos”, first discovered in 1967 that Rooibos could relieve allergy symptoms. Since then, sales have risen by 50%. Now, we know that this remarkable herb can improve cardiovascular health, promote weight loss and even reduce the risk of developing type-2 diabetes.

You can read more in our blog, Rooibos Benefits.