There is nothing more harmonious than finding time to relax with relaxing tea. Did you know there’s science to this? Depending on the type of Tea, your favourite beverage might help you to relax in more ways than you think.

In this blog, we will look into what Tea is good for relaxing (spoiler alert: there is more than one!). We will also explore how and why your brew of choice supports wellbeing. Finally, we will suggest further measures you could take to feel better in yourself.

Tea for Relaxing
Why Do We Need To Relax?

Whether it’s yoga, running or sitting down with a Cup of Loose Tea, we all need to relax. But why? Arguably most essential is our mental wellbeing. Without finding time to ‘stop’, we are doing our emotional and spiritual self a disservice. Looking after our mental health has become increasingly (and rightfully) more important in today’s society. That, in itself, is good enough reason to find some ‘me time’. But there’s more to this in a physical sense.

Allowing yourself no time to relax can cause a multitude of health complications. Stress, for example, is just one indicator of a lack of relaxation time. It can cause high blood pressure, headaches, muscle tension, ulcers and even a weakened immune system. The same sort of adverse side effects apply to those who frequently experience anxiety, depression or a lack of sleep. Indeed, not having time to relax may even cause these kinds of problems in the first place.

What Tea Is Good For Relaxing?

What Tea Is Good For Relaxing?

There are many Teas to choose when it comes to relaxing. Rooibos Tea, for example, can you to lower blood pressure, which in turn has a relaxing effect. Jasmine Tea is another excellent choice because its floral notes bring about a sense of harmony. Peppermint Tea, meanwhile, contains large quantities of menthol that contribute to a calm state of mind.

For the most, however, choosing a Tea that will help you relax is very much a personal choice. It all depends on what you like and how it helps you, as a person, to loosen up. Nevertheless, if there is a specific area of your mental health you’re struggling with, The Kent and Sussex Tea and Coffee Company have a few suggestions below.

What Is The Best Tea To Drink For Stress?

What is The Best Tea to Drink for Stress?

Green Tea has a particularly positive influence on stress. Why? Chronic stress disrupts our blood and our blood sugar levels, according to the latest research. This leads to increased hunger and comfort eating. Ironically, this then leads to even higher levels of stress and even more disrupted blood sugar levels. Such a cruel circle not only leads to unhealthy levels of body fat, but also increases the risk of type-2 diabetes.

The reason Green Tea Helps with Stress so well is twofold. Firstly, it contains L-theanine. This beneficial compound helps to increase the production of GABA and dopamine in the body. GABA, or Gamma-aminobutyric acid, plays an essential role in behaviour, cognition and the body's response to stress. Dopamine has a similar effect.

Secondly, though perhaps more of a bonus, Green Tea has metabolism boosting properties. This enables the body to burn fat quicker and more efficiently. In other words, if you find periods of moderate exercise relaxing (as some indeed do), then Green Tea benefits are an excellent choice because they help you to feel comfortable in your body.

Instead of increasing the risk of type-2 diabetes, Green Tea reduces the risk! Surely this is enough to de-stress anyone?

What Kind Of Tea Helps You Sleep?

What Kind of Tea Helps You Sleep?

There is nothing quite like Camomile Tea when it comes to nodding off. This deliciously floral and caffeine-free infusion has for centuries been the brew of choice for many an insomniac. A 2011 study published in the European Neuropsychopharmacology has the answers why. It recognised that Camomile Tea had three primary effects on the central nervous system, which ultimately help you to fall asleep easier.

Firstly, the phytochemicals in this Herbal Tea affect the Neurotransmitters in the Brain, including monoamine transmitters such as serotonin and dopamine. Secondly, these same phytochemicals work with GABA receptors to promote a state of calmness to help you relax. Thirdly, it has a positive influence on the neurohormones, most notably melatonin, responsible for inducing sleep.

Two other choices worth considering are Lavender Tea and Rose Petals Tea. The former works in a similar way to Camomile while the latter combats sleeplessness caused by the menstrual cycle. Best of all, The Kent and Sussex Tea and Coffee Company stock a delicious and wholesome blend that includes all three of the aforementioned ingredients.

Which Tea Is Best For Anxiety?

Which Tea is Best for Anxiety?

Lemon Balm, known by many as “the calming herb”, can relieve minor anxiety. In one study, 18 healthy participants received two separate single doses of Lemon Balm extract (300 mg, 600 mg). They were also given a placebo on different days, separated by a 7-day washout period. The results indicated that the 600 mg dose could, indeed, provide anxiety relief.

Additionally, this same study noted a significant increase in the speed of mathematical processing, with no reduction in accuracy, with both the 300 mg dose and 600 mg dose. So, in essence, not only can Lemon Balm Tea relief anxiety, but also help with problem-solving! What more could you want from your morning cup of Herbal Tea?

What is A Good Tea for Depression and to help Relax you

What is A Good Tea for Depression?

Research suggests that Hibiscus can help with mild depression. This is according to a 2012 study published in the Indian Journal of Pharmacology. It indicated that the flavonoids, anthocyanins and anthocyanidins in Hibiscus Tea have anti-depressant activity.

It’s vital to note, however, that this is only preliminary research. Until we know more, The Kent and Sussex Tea and Coffee Company do not specifically recommend this Tea, or any Tea, for relieving depression. Nevertheless, we support ongoing research, which looks particularly promising.

Where to Buy Relaxation Tea

Where to Buy Relaxing Tea

There are many more Relaxation Teas to try other than those mentioned above. In fact, we even have a blend called Relaxation Tea! This beverage contains Rooibos, Honeybush, Aniseed, Camomile, Fennel and Safflower Petals. Combined, these ingredients make for a match made in heaven. For those who’re spiritual, it can balance the three “doshas” in the body, much like other Ayurvedic Teas.

Lullaby Tea is a herbal blend that infuses Linden flowers, Lemon Balm, Lavender, Rose Petals and a whole host of other ingredients perfect for bedtime. Many of these ingredients have calmative properties enabling you to fall asleep easier. If you often experience restlessness or sleeplessness, then Lullaby Tea is an excellent choice of brew to finish the day off.

Alternatively, if you like to indulge while relaxing, why not try a Fruit Tisane? Luxurious choices include Apple Crumble Fruit Tisane. Turkish Apple Tea or Strawberries and Cream Tea. Whatever you choose, you’ve chosen well with us. We pack every Tea, Tisane and Coffee fresh to order, ensuring quality and consistency with every cuppa brewed.