A lovely, refreshing, invigorating cup of Tea helps to get you out of bed in the morning. It stands to reason, then, that it’ll keep you up at night. But is it really as simple as that? Does Tea keep you awake, no matter what?

The following article will answer your frequently asked questions (FAQ) concerning your favourite infusion and nighttime rituals. Please keep reading to find out more.

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Does Tea Keep You Awake?

Does Tea Keep You Awake?

The word “Tea” is applied to many beverages these days. A common misconception is that any infusion labelled as such is, in fact, Tea. But it isn’t always the case. So-called “real” Tea comes from the Camellia sinensis plant.

The likes of Peppermint, Camomile, Rooibos and Hibiscus Tea, on the other hand, aren’t “Tea” in the conventional sense; rather, they’re Herbal Tea. But why does it matter?

Camellia sinensis is one of sixty plants, alongside Coffee (Coffea) and Yerba Mate (Ilex Paraguariensis), to contain caffeine. This stimulating chemical compound famously provides an energy boost upon consumption, which is why Loose Tea might keep you awake at night.

The same isn’t true for Herbal Tea, which is almost always 100% void of caffeine. This makes it the best Tea before bed.

What should you do if you still want to drink real Tea at night? A potential solution could be to buy Decaf Tea, which, as its name suggests, has undergone decaffeination.

Such is the efficiency of the process that the remaining caffeine traces are negligible, meaning you can have a cuppa anxiety-free. But you might still have questions, so please allow us now to answer them.

FAQs on What teas keep you Awake

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Does Green Tea Keep You Awake?

Does Green Tea help you sleep or stay awake? This is a type of “real” Tea and, as a result, contains caffeine. However, unlike Black Tea, which is the most processed variety, it has only a (relatively) minimal amount.

While it might not be the perfect choice, in other words, it’s certainly better than more caffeinated types such as English Breakfast Tea or Lapsang Souchong.

What is the Best Tea that Helps You Stay Awake?

Not everyone, of course, is worried about staying up until the crack of dawn. Some might even welcome it. Night owls would do well to buy Black Tea varieties such as Assam Tea, Keemun or Kentish Breakfast Tea (it’s in the name).

On average, each one has about 45-mg of caffeine per 8-oz cup. Even better is Fresh Coffee, which is likely to have at least 100-mg of caffeine per serving.

Will Peppermint Tea Keep Me Awake? 

This is, perhaps, the most popular type of Herbal Tea in the world. It comes from the Mentha piperita plant, an aromatic, rhizomatous perennial belonging to the Lamiaceae family.

Frequent consumption can provide Peppermint Tea Benefits, including improved digestion and weight loss potential. And when it comes to going to bed, you’ve made an excellent choice here as it won’t keep you awake.

Does Nettle Tea Keep You Awake? 

Nettle Tea isn’t as well known as Peppermint, but it still has much to offer - not least being a suitable, caffeine-free infusion before bed.

Though renowned for the painful sting it provides in its natural form, brewing it removes the irritating chemicals and replaces them with Nettle Tea benefits. Most remarkable of all is its ability to curb symptoms of seasonal allergies

Will Decaf Tea Keep Me Awake? 

We know that Green Tea keeps you awake - or at least has the potential to - while switching to Decaf Tea limits the risks. But it’s not foolproof.

Contrary to popular belief, the decaffeination process isn’t 100% effective as a trace amount of caffeine remains in the leaves. The best you can expect, in reality, is about 98% extraction. This means that there is still a chance, however minimal, of it boosting your energy.

Will Ginger Tea Keep Me Awake?

We continue to determine which Tea keeps you awake by now looking into Ginger Tea. This is yet another example of a caffeine-free Herbal Tea, one considered anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antispasmodic.

These properties can, among other outstanding qualities, aid digestion, improve skin health, boost immunity and help with pain relief. There’s even the possibility of it reducing diabetes risks.

Can Camomile Tea Keep You Awake?

Does Tea keep you awake when it’s made from Camomile Flowers? Quite the opposite. Here you have what few would argue is the Best Tea Before Bed, indeed more so than any other caffeine-free Herbal Tea.

The primary reason is its phytochemicals, which have a potent sedative effect. These same phytochemicals likewise alleviate mild symptoms of anxiety, so it’s a win on most fronts!

Does Chai Tea Keep You Awake?

It depends on the Chai Tea Recipe you choose. Traditional Masala Chai contains Assam Tea, a Black Tea, and therefore has caffeine in the blend. Rooibos Masala Chai, on the other hand, includes no leaves from the Camellia sinensis plant.

This twist on a classic offers much of the same characteristics of “regular” Chai but without the energy kick. It makes for the perfect alternative when you’re about to nod off.

Does Dandelion Tea Keep You Awake? 

We’re heading into Herbal Tea territory once again. It can come in the form of Dandelion Tea or Dandelion Root Tea, both of which are a delight to the senses.

Both, too, boast extraordinary Dandelion Tea benefits. Preliminary research suggests that these components from the Taraxacum plant can support immune, lung, kidney and even heart health. What could be better?

Does Matcha Green Tea Keep You Awake?

Matcha is a caffeinated Green Tea that, as you might expect, is energising. What makes it special is that it has been ground into a fine powder. The result is that it reportedly contains 137 times more antioxidant strength than regular Green Leaf Tea.

Antioxidants combat free radicals in the body, working on a molecular level to reduce the risk of developing a multitude of chronic conditions. 

Does Rooibos Tea Keep You Awake? 

This South African Herbal Tea - emphasis on “herbal” - grows exclusively in the Cederberg region of the Western Cape Province. When brewed, it offers a gentle sweetness with notes of nuts, honey and caramel.

Enjoy it once, and you will receive these tasting notes and more. Enjoy it frequently enough, and it will improve life in small yet significant ways. Rooibos Tea Benefits include allergy and acne relief.

Is Tea or Coffee Better for Staying Awake?

You know the answer to, “Will Tea keep me awake?” Allow us now to move on to whether Coffee has the same influence. We suspect that most people know the answer already: Fresh Coffee typically contains more caffeine than Tea and, therefore, is even more likely to keep you awake.

Those who actually want to stay up could find no better choice than Ground Coffee Beans. Otherwise, it’s best to avoid it before bed.

Conclusion to Does Tea Keep You Awake

Does Tea keep you awake? The simple answer is yes - unless you’re talking about Herbal Tea, which isn’t even real Tea, or Decaf Tea, which has had its caffeine removed.

Those wondering, “How does Tea keep you awake?” needn’t look any further than the aforementioned stimulant. But there are plenty of alternatives should you want to cut down your intake. Just browse our selection and find the one for you.

Author: Richard Smith

Partner at The Kent and Sussex Tea and Coffee Company

Richard Smith is a Tea expert, entrepreneur, and owner of The Kent and Sussex Tea and Coffee Company. Part of a family of renowned Tea planters dating back four generations, he was born in Calcutta (Kolkata), India, where he spent his childhood between Tea Estates in Assam and Darjeeling.

In the late 1970s, having accumulated years of knowledge in the industry, Mr Smith and his mother, Janet Smith, moved to Kent, South East England, to establish a Tea business in the village of Pluckley. Their early days of packing Tea Bags by hand from chests of 10,000 prompted the creation of the company’s flagship infusion known as Pluckley Tea. It remains our most popular product today.

Mr Smith, who studied economics at London Polytechnic, has since specialised in over 1,000 types of Loose Leaf Tea - in addition to around 70 varieties of Roast Coffee - from around the world. These are now available at The Kent and Sussex Tea and Coffee Company, where everything is still packed by hand and fresh to order, not only to honour tradition but to ensure the utmost quality and consistency.