Our 2015 summed up!

It is the end of the year, and what an amazing year it has been! Here is a little summary of all the things we have been up to in 2015;

Pluckley Points; Now, don't go rolling your eyes. I know what the idea of a reward points scheme means to most of you. But we are offering you 5p back on every pound you spend online! That means 5% back on EVERY purchase to spend in our online shop!

New Site; As of April our new user-friendly website went live! Our new site offers Richard's Tea Recommendations, Tea of the Week (Don't forget to look out for our Twit-Tea offer on Twitter only! 15% off of our Tea of the Week on Thursdays ONLY!) and makes searching for your favourite cup of tea just that little bit easier.

French Site; Our French website also went live in September for all our European customers and is doing really well!

Ticketing System; You said it, we did it! We had feedback in 2015 regarding how we deal with email queries so we have set up a ticketing system which stops emails going missing in any spam folders

New Teas; We have introduced over 80 new teas to our repertoire... with more on the way!

New Staff; We have had FIVE new members of staff start! To meet the staff and get to know them, just have a peek at our Meet the Team page.

Newsletters; We endeavour to keep you updated on company news, new products and promotions through our Newsletters! If you haven't already signed up.

We have had over 1692 reviews on FEEFO this year alone! We use FEEFO, an independent review company to ensure that we are constantly improving our services.

We offer a monthly review competition a review you are entered into our monthly draw to win one ofThree Prizes of vouchers worth £10, £20 and £30 for the best!The most interesting reviews are published in our newsletters.

So we have put together a compilation of our favourite reviews in 2015;

Caramel Tea, Alan Hilton, 12th January-

CaramelTeaBlackService- Excellent service - very quick to send my order out and the tea was packaged very well. I found the Kent & Sussex Tea Co on the net after I found my usual company's loose tea was getting very expensive to buy with very high postage costs. The K & S Co have such an amazing range of flavours to try and with average prices around £2.75 for 125g, you can afford to buy blind so my first order was for 6 different flavours.

Product- The caramel tea has a fantastic flavour. I got through my first order of 125g very quickly so I had to order another, bigger 500g packet soon after.

Greek Coffee, Olga Popova, 27th June-

Service- Love the company and their customer service. Excellent choice of great and fresh teasGreek Coffee and coffees from producers at good prices (you can find some teas at much higher prices at other sites). Customer service extremely attentive, personalized and fast. I order regularly from Tea and Coffee for over two years, and by now it feels like family.

Product- My favourite coffee for ibrik (by the way now they make electrical ibriks with sensors, so you get great coffee with less effort). The coffee could not be better - made from estate Brazilian coffees (although called Greek). Very fragrant. I would describe the taste as quite mild and not bitter, with a touch of chocolate tones. But don't be deceived by the soft and pleasant taste - you get a strong coffee that gives you a kick.

Honeybush Chocolate Cake Tea, Paul Stevens, 3rd September-

Service- Discovered your company after searching online for loose teas and was overjoyed, pick'n'mix for grow ups! Website is very well laid out and easy to Honeybush Chocolate Cake Teause. Order arrived promptly with no errors or substitutions. Tea selection is exceptional and enjoyed 95% of what we've sampled so far with the exceptions purely down to personal taste. My new favourite website, you've found a customer for life!

Product- First Honeybush I've tried and it didn't disappoint. Wonderful choc gateaux aroma, flavour more subtle but notes of choc & cherry/rose. Pleasantly sweet after dinner tea.