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Chocolate and Coconut Black Tea - Danielle Abrams

Service rating : I live in the US and the shipping is always fast! Orders are always accurate.

[caption id="attachment_1112" align="alignleft" width="370"]Chocolate and Coconut Black Tea Chocolate and Coconut Black Tea[/caption]

Product : The chocolate coconut tea combines all of my favourite flavours. Its like sipping a tropical vacation covered in chocolate. Who wouldn't love that? I have tried many other chocolate coconut teas and this, by far, is the best. The flavour is almost like a really good hot cocoa or a German chocolate cake. I just use a splash of milk and even without sugar it satisfies my sweet tooth. I'm so glad I found your website and I'm so glad you ship to the US. Thank you!

[caption id="attachment_1111" align="alignright" width="370"]Liquorice Root Coarse Cut Tea Liquorice Root Coarse Cut Tea[/caption]

Liquorice Root Coarse Cut Tea - Susan Lee

Service rating : It's great to find a company that has a good selection of loose herbal teas.

Product : The liquorice tea mixes well with the lavender tea that I previously purchased from you.

Orange and Eucalyptus Rooibos Tea - Julie Kelly

Orange Eucalyptus Rooibos TeaService rating : Have had many dealings with the company and have nothing but praise for the service received from them.

Product : We wanted another alternative to the lemongrass and ginger, especially this time of year with dodgy throats and colds.

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Russian Caravan Tea Bags - Nicky Selwyn

Service rating : Excellent service - received quickly & well packed. Thank you.

Product : Russian Caravan is the tea I've been looking for all my life - light, delicate, refreshing. I don't understand reviewers who complain it's not strong enough...surely Russian Caravan isn't the one to choose if you want a robust tea? If, like me, you prefer your tea without a tannin overload, I would highly recommend Russian Caravan - K&S is just as good as the Piccadilly version...but much, much cheaper. I'm just off to order more!

Pluckley Tea 1.5kg Loose Tea - Michael House

Service rating : Sometimes you find out more about a company when things go slightly wrong than when they go completely right. When a company sorts out a problem quickly, politely and to the customers satisfaction then for me it increases my confidence in them. Such was the case in sorting out a Postal problem over Christmas - thank you and well done!

Product : Excellent; people visiting my home often spontaneously comment how good their cup of tea is.

Japanese Sencha Genmai Cha - Grace Boyd

Service rating : I have always loved The Kent and Sussex Tea and Coffee Company. Everything is delivered quickly and I have to say I am always impressed by how much 50g gets you.

Product : This is the second time I have ordered this tea and I love it. It's nutty and fresh, quite hard describe really. I will always come back to this tea, it's a real comfort.