Costa Rica Tarrazu Dark Roast

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There are plenty of things to love about Costa Rica. Most of all, is the coffee! Costa Rica Tarrazu Dark Roast is a top grade and high quality bean grown in the Costa Rican district of Tarrazu, renowned for its coffee production. This full-bodied and flavoursome beverage is known for its distinct chocolatey notes perfect for satisfying the sweet tooth while still offering complexity we all know and love with fresh coffee.

Costa Rica is considered one of the world’s best coffee-growing countries. Our very special Costa Rica Tarrazu Dark Roast Coffee stands testament to its good name. Here at The Kent and Sussex Tea and Coffee Company, all of our coffees are roasted using the latest state-of-the-art Neuhaus Neotec fluidised air-bed system, which primarily uses convection heat transfer to roast the beans. We don’t settle for second best. Buy Costa Rica Tarrazu Dark Roast today.

Coffee in Costa Rica is an integral part of life and society. It sustains the economy and is one of the country’s biggest exports. Production of coffee first began in 1779, introduced by Spanish colonists who’d brought plants from Arabia.

In the early 19th Century, the Costa Rican Government actively encouraged the mass-production of coffee to meet the growing demand of Europeans, offering free land to farmers who wanted to harvest the plants. Even today, Costa Rica has ideal soil and climate for coffee to thrive.

By 1829, the country’s coffee production had overtaken tobacco, sugar, and cocoa, the profits of which allowed for the construction of Costa Rica’s first railway in 1890, the “Ferrocarril al Atlántico”, which in turn transported coffee beans to the Atlantic coast to be exported to Europe. Further still, 1897 saw the construction of the National Theatre in the capital city of San Jose, its build used to show off the economic success of Costa Rica’s Coffee Industry.

Until the Second World War, England was the largest recipient of Costa Rican coffee exports. While this may not be the case anymore, The Kent and Sussex Tea and Coffee Company are still proud to do “our bit” for Costa Rica’s Coffee Industry.

The Tarrazu Valley, in particular, is one of the most renowned coffee producing areas of Costa Rica. Its rich volcanic soil, relatively cool climate and high altitude are just some of the factors utilised in the making of coffee, the results of which are beyond tremendous. Tarrazu-grown coffees such as this one are also preferred over other varieties owing to their high caffeine content.

Nowadays, smallholder farmers play a pivotal role in the production of Costa Rican coffee - nearly 90% of all producers cultivate less than 12 acres (5 hectares). Show your support today with Costa Rica Tarrazu Dark Roast.

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