Gourd Yerba Maté Drinking Pot

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Brewing instructions

Brewed with water at 90 Degrees, let the flower unfurl do not remove flower. This is can be steeped a number of times.

Brewing instructions


Gourd or Calabash a Yerba Maté Drinking Pot Yerba Maté is traditionally drunk out of a Gourd with a Bombilla at social events in South America. Traditionally the Gourd is filled half full with Maté and hot water at 70-80°C is used, never boiling as this will crack the gourd and burn the tea. Using the gourd at an angel to ensure the leaves have subsided to one side and you can drink the liquid without drinking the Yerba Mate.

Gould Maintenance: Opting for the traditional Yerba Mate experience requires love and attention, especially when looking after your Gould. Before you can use your Gould you must first cure it. This will ultimately prevent the Gould from splitting as the Gould itself can actually add to the flavour of the brew. Furthermore, it is perfectly natural to find almost ‘paper’ like debris inside, as well as seeds. In order to remove this debris and prevent the Gould from splitting, please follow these simple steps:

  • Take your Gould and fill it halfway with pure mate.

  • Fill the remaining half with boiling water.

  • Allow the mate to soak in your Gould for at least 24 hours.

  • Pour the mate and water out.

  • Using a spoon, thoroughly scrape the inside of the Gould walls, making sure all its contents are removed.

  • If required, repeat this process.

  • Rinse your Gould one last time with hot water.

  • Brew up and enjoy.

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