Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee - Dark Roast

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The finest coffee in the world, roasted to perfection; this is our Jamaican Blue Mountain Dark Roast Coffee. The darker roast releases subtler flavours compared to our other Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee and also offers strong chocolatey notes with hints of nut. All coffees determined as “Jamaican Blue Mountain” must adhere to certain conditions and also require certification. These coffees must first be grown specifically in the Jamaican parishes of Portland, St. Andrew, St. Mary, or St. Thomas.

Furthermore, altitudes must be between three and five thousand feet. We are proud to deal only with the “real thing”. For us, there is no second best. Choosing Jamaican Blue Mountain Dark Roast Coffee is choosing quality, it is choosing great taste, and it is choosing what we believe to be the finest coffee ever made.

So, how did Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee come to be? In 1723, King Louis XV of France sent coffee to the French colony of Martinique in the Caribbean. The planting turned out to be a momentous success and it soon kick-started the expansion of coffee farming in the region. By 1730, the British Governor of Jamaica, Sir Nicholas Lawes, brought many coffee plants from Martinique to his own island. The initial planting was in the foothills of the St. Andrews parish with cultivation spreading throughout the rest of the Blue Mountains over time.   

Jamaican Coffee, however, was not as easy to cultivate as coffee from Martinique. In 1752, some 20 years after its introduction to Jamaica, exports of Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee amounted to a mere 60,000 pounds. In 1850, following a short-lived spike in sales, Jamaica had only 150 coffee plantations still producing. While of course being fantastic, the 1833 Slave Emancipation Act in Britain had a tremendous impact on coffee farming in Jamaica. The instigation of the act brought about labour issues, which in turn brought about price fluctuations and ultimately caused many problems for the Jamaican Coffee Industry.

Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee rose from relative obscurity in the 20th Century and today, is known by many as the best coffee in the world. We couldn’t agree more but it’s now your turn to find out for yourself. Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee Dark Roast is for those who like the “finer” things in life. It is also for those who like to treat themselves. So, why not begin your journey today? Your taste buds will thank you!

Type of Beans: Arabica.

Profile: Single Origin.

Origin: The Blue Mountains, Jamaica.

How to Serve: We believe this coffee tastes best when served without any accompaniments although milk and sugar may be considered as optional extras.

Tasting Notes: Rich, smooth and invigorating, Jamaican Blue Mountain Dark Roast is unmistakably scrumptious.

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