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Brewing instructions

Infuse for 2 to 3 minutes with a water temperature between 80 and 90 degrees

Brewing instructions


Oolong Shalimar Tea is a semi-fermented Flavoured Tea. Its name derives from the Shalamar Gardens now located in Punjab province, Pakistan - an area long known for its outstanding beauty.

That same beauty indeed applies to this delectable infusion. It consists of a long, slightly curled leaf flavoured with fresh passion fruit, aronia berries, mango cubes and rose petals. A true delight to the senses!

This beverage also boasts a wealth of vitamins, minerals and other antioxidants. These chemical compounds contribute to your daily nutritional intake.

Best of all, The Kent and Sussex Tea and Coffee Company pack Oolong Shalimar, like all of our Loose Teas, fresh to order. This is our way of guaranteeing both quality and consistency with every cuppa brewed.

About Oolong Shalimar Tea

Oolong, in many respects, is the “in-between” Tea. This refers to its processing, which is “more” than Green Tea and “less” than Black Tea. In other words, it sits in the middle in terms of its profile, taste and character.

However, less than 2% of the world’s Tea drinkers choose Oolong - despite its unmistakable allure. Indeed despite everything it has to offer.

When it comes to Oolong Shalimar Tea, it is even more of a rarity. This is in part due to it containing aronia berries, a seldom-used ingredient at the best of times.

Also known as chokeberries, these are a genus of deciduous shrubs belonging to the Rosaceae family. Health-conscious individuals, in particular, have long flocked to them owing to their potential medicinal qualities.

Another beneficial ingredient found in Oolong Shalimar Tea is rose petals tea. These come from the perennial flowering plant botanically known as Rosa, a member of the Rosaceae family.

Boasting an abundance in Vitamin C, rose petals make for an excellent choice to boost the immune system. What’s more, and perhaps more importantly, they taste great when added to this fragrant infusion!

Useful Information

Type of Tea: Oolong Tea.

Ingredients: Semi-Fermented Tea Leaves, Aronia Berries, Mango Cubes, Rose Petals and All-Natural Flavouring.

Brewing Instructions: Brew using freshly boiled water left to cool to temperatures between 80 and 90°C. Infuse for 2 to 3 minutes.

How to Serve: Best served without additions.

Tasting Notes: Enjoy soft, toasty flavours with fruity undertones.

Colour in Cup: Coppery-orange liquor, light in tone.

Benefits of Oolong Shalimar Tea

According to research, this remarkable beverage can alkalise the digestive tract, thus reducing inflammation in those with acid reflux and ulcer problems.

Additionally, some scientists believe that it is antiseptic, meaning it could clear harmful bacteria in the stomach. And if that wasn’t enough, there are suggestions that it can improve skin health!

Additional info
  • Type
    Oolong Tea
  • Health Points
    Health Points
    Detox, Digestive, Flu, Relaxing, Weight Loss
  • Caffeine Level
    Caffeine Level
  • Options
    Loose Tea
  • Time of Day
    Time of Day
    Breakfast, Afternoon
  • Country
  • Mango
  • Rose petals
    Rose petals
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  5. a beautiful floral notes tea perfect for any time of the day and to lift the spirits

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  6. Delicate aroma, medium strength

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