Orange Tea

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Orange Tea
Orange Tea Orange Tea Orange Tea Orange Tea

Brewing instructions

Brew with fresh boiling water and infuse for 3 to 5 minutes

Brewing instructions

Orange Tea is a flavoured Black Tea, one scented with orange and layered with orange peel, making it as beautiful in appearance as it is in taste. This heavenly infusion has a rich flavour of zesty orange, evoking vivid images of warm Mediterranean evenings enjoyed while sipping Tea in an orange grove.

And if you haven’t had the chance to experience such a pleasure, then our Orange Tea is the next best thing. For some, it may even be better, especially as there are health benefits to its frequent consumption. In fact, according to the latest scientific research, all types of Black Tea, including this one, can boost the metabolism, helping the body to burn fat quicker and more efficiently, lower cholesterol, thus improving cardiovascular health, and even balance blood sugar levels. Which in turn helps to reduce the risks of developing type-2 diabetes.

Furthermore, other studies have suggested that the frequent consumption of any Black Tea can enhance cognitive function. All of this and more is a possibility with our Orange Tea. But most important of all - it tastes fantastic and suits any time in the day or even the night! 

Orange Tea belongs to a long and expansive history of Tea flavouring. The idea is far from a new phenomenon and may even date back to around the time of Tea’s discovery over 5,000 years ago. According to legend, Tea was discovered by an ancient Chinese Emperor named Shennong, who one day came to rest underneath a tree with a glass of boiling water by his side.

When he awoke, he found that leaves from the tree above had fallen into his drink. Shennong, an avid herbalist, decided to try the infusion and to his surprise, it tasted extraordinary. The infusion was Tea, or so the story goes. Many flavoured Teas were invented in the centuries following its discovery, the two most famous arguably being Chai Tea and Earl Grey Tea. Orange Tea, meanwhile, is, admittedly, quite a recent invention. But the inspiration behind it was made possible after thousands of years of Tea flavouring.

Type of Tea: Loose Leaf Black Tea.

Origin: China.

Brewing Instructions: Brew using freshly boiled water and infuse for 3 to 5 minutes.

How to Serve: Milk, sugar, honey or lemon - the choices is yours. Alternatively, serve black.

Tasting Notes: Orange Tea is sweet, is fruity, is refreshing. It offers a subtle flavour and is smooth and well-blended throughout.

Colour in Cup: Orange liquor, light in tone.

Health Benefits: There is a common misconception that a Flavoured Tea somehow dilutes the health-promoting potential of Black Tea. It is not true. Period. In fact, Orange Tea, like any Black Tea, contains incredible antioxidants capable of combating free radicals in the body. No more and no less than unflavoured Black Tea. And in doing so, Orange Tea reduces the risks of developing numerous chronic conditions, most notably cardiovascular disease.

Furthermore, and we must stress that studies are only preliminary, there are suggestions that the frequent consumption of Black Tea, regardless of type, could reduce the risks of developing certain types of cancer. In 2015, for example, a meta-analysis found that drinking a cup of Tea a day (again, no matter the type) reduced the risks of developing cancer by 2%. T

hose who drank the most Tea, on the other hand, had up to a 21% lower cancer risk than those who drank none. We are cautious to endorse the consumption of our Orange Tea, or any Tea, for the reduced risks of developing cancer; however, we are supportive of ongoing research.

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    Black Tea
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    Health Points
    Digestive, Hydration, Refreshing, Relaxing
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    Loose Tea
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    Time of Day
    Lunchtime, Afternoon
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  • Orange