The rush to buy presents for Christmas has already begun, with many people trying to get orders in early this year. If you’d like to get ahead of the crowd, a good start would be to check out our best gifts for Coffee lovers.

Casual drinkers and connoisseurs alike will find something to fall for in the following list. Maybe you, too, could treat yourself to one of our Coffee gift ideas?

The Kent and Sussex Tea and Coffee Company take pride in packing each of our 70 Fresh Coffee types fresh to order. This ensures not only quality but also consistency.

From Coffee gift sets and hampers to Flavoured Coffee, Coffee bags and vouchers, we have it all. Find the perfect surprise for friends and family here, all the while making Christmas 2020 a (much-needed) happy ending.

Offer a Variety with our Coffee Gift Selection

When you’re looking for the best gifts for Coffee lovers, sometimes, one isn’t enough. Why not choose a Coffee gift set, then, like our Coffee Gift Selection?

This includes five freshly roasted 125g Coffee packets: Italian Roast, Kentish Roast, Colombian Coffee, Rainforest Alliance Espresso and Breakfast Blend. Each one has something unique, indeed extraordinary, to offer.

And your options don’t stop there. You’ll also be able to select the specific grind: Whole Coffee Beans, Espresso-Fine, Medium-Fine or Cafetiere Coarse. (If you’re unsure of which one you’ll need, please read our article, “How to Grind Coffee Beans for the Perfect Cup of Coffee”). Ultimately, as gifts for Coffee drinkers go, you’d be hard-pressed to find anything better.

Coffee Subscription

Keep the Joy Coming with a Coffee Subscription

Do you know someone who gets through Coffee like there’s no tomorrow - someone who can have cup after cup and seemingly never have enough?

If so, you’ll want to get them a Coffee subscription gift. This will mean your loved one receives a delivery every month, two months or three months - depending on their preference - thus ensuring they’re never out of stock.

There are many other benefits to buying a Coffee subscription gift, including a 10% discount for as long as it is in place. And if the recipient has at any point too much Coffee (is there even such a thing?), you can simply skip a month with no hassle.

You can find more details and a frequently asked questions (FAQ) section on our website. The bottom line is that it is one of the best gifts for Coffee lovers.

Coffee Hamper

A Coffee Hamper is Guaranteed to Please

Nothing says you care more than presenting a friend or family member with our Coffee Hamper Selection. What you need to know is, really, in the name: a selection of delicious, wholesome Coffees nestled in a beautifully-lined wicker hamper.

It is a Coffee gift box if you will - one that includes Colombian Coffee, Ethiopian Mocha, Italian Roast and Indian Monsoon Malabar.

From South America to Africa; Europe to Asia, you can give someone the gift of travel without them having to leave their kitchen chair. This Ground Coffee gift set will provide them with hours of fun - even when the Coffee itself has run out.

After all, the hamper these beans come in, once emptied, can be used for picnics and day trips. If that isn’t one of the best gifts for Coffee lovers, we don’t know what is.

Buy Flavoured Coffee Online

Add Flavour to Someone’s Life with Flavoured Coffee

It stands to reason that if you’re buying Christmas Coffee gifts for him or her - or anyone else for that matter - the beans should be Christmassy.

Such is the case with our Hazelnut Flavoured Coffee, for example, which has a toasty character that evokes images of cosy winter evenings. Such is the case, too, of our Chocolate Orange Flavoured Coffee - an infusion unlike any other.

And that’s just the beginning. We stock several types of Flavoured Coffee here at our Kent-based factory. There is Vanilla Flavoured Coffee and Chocolate Mocha Flavoured Coffee - and even an Irish Cream Flavoured Coffee!

Whatever your preference, whatever your style, we have a brew for you. Add a little extra flavour to someone’s life today and watch their face light up like a Christmas tree!

Coffee Bags

Coffee Bags are Delicious and Convenient

Coffee Bags have become increasingly popular in recent years due to the relative ease of their making. Unlike Instant Coffee, which is freeze-dried and lacks quality, Coffee Bags are made using only the freshest beans.

Each parcel is a true delight to the senses - without cutting corners! What more could you or a loved one want from their favourite beverage?

The Kent and Sussex Tea and Coffee Company has introduced a few Coffee Bag varieties for you to try and choose. These are Colombian Coffee Bags, Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Coffee Bags, Sumatra Coffee Bags and Latin American Coffee Bags.

Additionally, we stock a Decaf Coffee type as well as one made solely with Arabica Beans. Each one is convenience in a cup.

Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans

Indulge in Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans

Coffee bean gifts don’t get much better than our Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans. These are as indulgent and luxurious as they are energising. They are, quite literally, beans that have been generously wrapped in a layer of chocolate, making them an unmistakably moreish treat.

Perhaps best of all, we use only the finest quality chocolate and 100% Arabica beans to create them.

Grazers, in particular, will fall in love with Chocolate Covered Coffee beans. A packet will fit perfectly in your pocket, whereby you can grab a handful whenever you like.

Don’t forget that, while tasting scrumptious, they also come with Caffeine in Coffee. If you know someone who starts lagging in the middle of the day, then, you’ve decided well with this Coffee gift.

Coffee Gift Vouchers

Coffee Gift Vouchers is a Perfect Gift

Are you unsure which type of Coffee to pick? We do, after all, have around seventy. Why not take the pressure off yourself and instead get a Coffee Gift voucher?

That way, you give someone the freedom to make their own decisions, the freedom to choose not only Fresh Coffee but pretty much anything else we stock. And just for the record, we stock quite a lot!

When it comes to Loose Tea, for example, we have around 1,000 varieties. There are Black and Green, Peppermint and Camomile, and Rooibos and Lemon Verbena.

There is Hibiscus, Lapsang Souchong, Flowering Tea and a wide range of Fruit Tisanes. We also stock Tea accessories such as Filters and Infusers. Basically, we have your loved one covered when you opt for a £10, £25 or £50 voucher.

Buy the Best Gifts for Coffee Lovers


This article has provided you with numerous Coffee gift ideas, including Gourmet Coffee gift sets, whole beans coated in chocolate, and vouchers.

Whether you’re celebrating an early Christmas, a birthday or any other festivities, you - or anyone else - are in for a treat. And when we say “treat,” we really mean it here at The Kent and Sussex Tea and Coffee Company.