Fujian Tea

The Chinese Province of Fujian lies on the coast of the South China Tea across the straits from Taiwan. The Mountainous province is famed for its tea growing, to the North you have the Wuyi Mountain range, along the coast the Tai Mu Mountain range and to the south of the province you have the tea growing district of Anxi County . The climate of coastal Fujian is sub tropical with good amounts of summer rainfall. Fujian produces an array of different types of tea from Black Tea, Green Tea, Oolong Teas, White Teas, Lapsang Souchong Tea and the famous Pu erh teas.

Semi fermented Oolong Teas are grown in the Wuyi Mountains and in Anxi County, sometimes referred to as Wulong Teas. The main area for White Tea production is Fujian Mapnearer the north east coast in the area around the Taimu Mountains of Fuding County, also known for producing well known varieties such as Ching Wo and Golden Monkey Tea. One of the rarest and most expensive teas to come from the Wuyi Monutain district is Da Hong Pao which is a Rock Tea, a very dark well oxidised oolong tea.

Fujian had an important role in the History of Tea, especially when the British got involved. In 1848 that the Scottish botanist Robert Fortune went to China for the East India Trading Company to obtain tea plants as part as an on going effort to establish a tea industry in India. It was at this time that it was illegal for foreigners to travel inland in China, except in the designated treaty ports. Fortune went in disguised as a Chinese official, visiting coastal Tea producing regions. He smuggled out a number of Tea plants from the Wuji Mountains and learnt Tea producing skills from the monks as well as hiring a number of Chinese workers to assist with the introduction of tea to India.

Teas from Fujian we Recommend 

White Peony Tea and Ying Zhen Silver Needle Top Grade